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      Wonderful wedding

      Make the most beautiful day of your life an unforgettable experience. Let one of our exclusive dream cars drive you forward. Whether to the church or the registry office – our chauffeur will gladly pick you up at home with one of our premium cars.

      After the wedding ceremony we will drive you to the place of the wedding celebrations and, if desired, we will gladly make one or two stops to take the perfect wedding photos.

      Your benefits

      models only

      Let yourself be enchanted by our premium fleet and enjoy a fantastic trip on your wedding day.

      We make everything possible

      You have special wishes? Do you want a specific vehicle or something extravagant or unusual? No problem! Talk to us, we make it possible.

      Full flexibility

      Whatever you wish will happen. You want to make a spontaneous detour to a romantic place to take photos? No problem. If you want to take some time at the registry office or in the church for a small champagne reception, we will be happy to wait for you. We take our time to make sure you have the perfect day.

      When everything
      has to be perfect
      on your wedding day

      You yourself know that wedding planning becomes a real test of nerves for many people. No matter how long you plan in advance, in the end there are always spontaneous changes and small to medium catastrophes, for example if the caterer breaks down or 20 visitors cancel one day before the wedding ceremony.

      We make sure that RheinGold is not on your worry list. We are always on time and ensure that you arrive at your destination comfortably, luxuriously and, above all, on time. No matter whether registry office, church or celebration location.

      Even sudden changes of plans are no problem. You can change the route and times at any time. If a train breaks down and some of your guests can’t make it to the wedding ceremony on time? We are also happy to take care of their transport.

      In the end, everything has to be perfect and that is exactly what we guarantee.


      Do you have an important appointment for which you want to arrive on time and rested? Let one of our experienced and local knowledgeable chauffeurs including limousine drive you to the place of the event, so that you have your head clear for the most important thing. Save yourself the traffic stress and make sure that you arrive on time.

      Our large vehicle fleet offers the right service for you and your needs. Each of our chauffeurs has extensive local knowledge and is optimally trained in driving safety. So you arrive safely and quickly at your destination.

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