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Our privacy policy applies

Our privacy policy applies


Do you have an important appointment for which you want to arrive on time and rested? Let one of our experienced and local knowledgeable chauffeurs including limousine drive you to the place of the event, so that you have your head clear for the most important thing. Save yourself the traffic stress and make sure that you arrive on time.

Our large vehicle fleet offers the right service for you and your needs. Each of our chauffeurs has extensive local knowledge and is optimally trained in driving safety. So you arrive safely and quickly at your destination.

Your benefits:

Professional drivers

Our drivers are well trained and have been on the road for many years. With our drivers we particularly value a safe, discreet and professional appearance, so that you always have the best experience. Each driver has extensive local knowledge and always takes you to your destination in the best possible way.

We make
anything possible

You have particular wishes? Do you want a specific vehicle or something extravagant or unusual? No problem! Talk to us, we make it possible.

Full flexibility

Whatever you wish will happen. You want to make a spontaneous detour to do something there? No problem. Even spontaneous route changes are always possible.m.

You are the focus
of attention

Whatever you wish, we make it possible. Whenever you have additional wishes, you can contact us and we will make them come true. Even spontaneous route changes or interruptions are no problem. You want to shop quickly or have a private conversation where you want to be alone? Of course we are waiting for you.
If you have special wishes for the car equipment or already know in advance that you want something special, please contact us in good time. This way we can prepare ourselves optimally for you.

Messe VIP

At RheinGold we are happy to take care of you. Just as a VIP, you probably want a little bit of privacy at least when you’re in the car. We ensure that you are protected from prying eyes and keep all information about our passengers and their routes absolutely secret.
Of course we also offer enough space for your security and service personnel.
If you have additional requirements regarding your safety, such as a convoy with several vehicles, or additional security personnel, this is of course no problem. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will make it possible

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